Other cool things present in this blog site

2 minute read

When I started to build this site, I saw a lot of other cool blogging sites, and me not knowing much about web development, was just analyzing the effort which may go through to set up a website. But then I stumbled into one of my college senior’s...

Hosting Jekyll Site using Github Pages

1 minute read

At this point, you have a basic site that you can host on your own server. If not, checkout this blog on how to get started with Jekyll to build your own site.

Getting started with Jekyll

2 minute read

While building my portfolio website, where you are seeing this blog, and me not knowing much about html/css, it was difficult to create a website from scratch. After looking at other options like wix, wordpress and zoho, I knew that was not the wa...

First Blog Post

less than 1 minute read

So I recently started creating a portfolio website using Jekyll and hosting it in Github Pages. I am planning to periodically blog here on both personal and professional life and will try to build a platform for beginners to get started into Data ...